Beauty Revenge
Hi Everyone!

Welcome to ♥ Beauty Revenge ♥

We are a newly developed online shop located in Vancouver, B.C.

Owned by a couple local UBC students- trying to explore the possible routes to take ♥

We are currently a trusted seller on facebook @ "Hand-Me Down" and also own a cube at MyBox @ Crystal Mall, Burnaby (box# B019)

We specialize in premium nail lacquer- O.P.I by offering a large variety of discontinued collections and colours. - Be sure to glam up those nails ;)

We also carry makeup and beauty products from the quality brand- Benefit.

Our prices are very competitive to retail shops. - You will find some of our products to be 50%+ lower!

Please feel free to browse through our selections and leave a message if you have any comments or requests ♥

♥ We strive to make all women glamorous~~

Our shop located @ MyBox at Crystal Mall

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